The Influence of Technology in Religion

The Influence of Technology in Religion

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Technological advances instigated profound changes in how people practice religion. Digging Deeper with Rev Ron Ministries, a website to preach God’s words is excellent proof of how technology has been maximized for religion.


The year is 2023, and while there are no flying cars, unlike what people predicted ten years ago, a plethora of excellent devices and technology still exist to enhance people’s quality of life.


Advances in technology always have a way of influencing people’s lives, helping them through various aspects of it. Technology has contributed a lot to how people live their lives, from conveniences such as online shopping and easy access to information from anywhere to entertainment in the form of movies, e-books, and music.


Between routines and recreation, the industry has a massive hold on how people function. Some may even say that life would be tougher and duller

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