The Influence of Technology in Religion

The Influence of Technology in Religion

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Technological advances instigated profound changes in how people practice religion. Digging Deeper with Rev Ron Ministries, a website to preach God’s words is excellent proof of how technology has been maximized for religion.


The year is 2023, and while there are no flying cars, unlike what people predicted ten years ago, a plethora of excellent devices and technology still exist to enhance people’s quality of life.


Advances in technology always have a way of influencing people’s lives, helping them through various aspects of it. Technology has contributed a lot to how people live their lives, from conveniences such as online shopping and easy access to information from anywhere to entertainment in the form of movies, e-books, and music.


Between routines and recreation, the industry has a massive hold on how people function. Some may even say that life would be tougher and duller if not for technology. With its vast influence, it’s no surprise that it has also affected how people practice their religion. While community worship still holds a more significant part of how people exercise divinity, technology has made it easier for people to connect.


Why Religion Should Maximize Technology


Many might hesitate to associate religion with technology. After all, technology has also received a negative impression the moment it caught traction and people jumped right into it. It has been perceived as a divisive system, separating people instead of bringing them closer. The more advanced technology gets, the more people are interested in and hooked on it. However, with technology also comes great opportunities for religious organizations, as long as it’s utilized properly.


Virtual Congregation


One of the primary benefits technology provides is its ability to unite people, regardless of where they are in the world. As long as they share similar beliefs and understand a common language, technology can always assist in gathering people sharing the same religion.


While physical worshipping still exists, technology and its devices offer other means for people to access. For instance, most priests and pastors now post their sermons online after doing them in person. Some religious leaders are actively sharing their wisdom on social media. Worshippers can easily find a channel to join and practice their faith.


Technology has allowed most people to engage in religious activities. Especially those who desire to practice and worship may not be physically allowed to.


Access to Materials


A massive way to practice faith is by reading about the divine person one is following. For Christians, the Bible is a great source to dig deeper about God. However, only some have access to this material. Fortunately, the internet provides almost anything people are looking for to people. Beyond traditional religious materials, the internet offers other wonderful sources of faith-related wisdom to help people strengthen their beliefs. Regardless of what medium they’re looking for, whether audio or books, the internet can highly likely provide.


Discovery of Religion


What’s excellent about religious organizations utilizing technology is that it doesn’t limit its audience. Almost everyone has access to the internet and has a device at hand.


The internet provides many choices in which they can attempt to bridge themselves and religion. For instance, it has libraries where people can look into religious and heartwarming books. It also provides people with websites that offer not only books but also community courses and suggestions for the problems they are experiencing.


Digging Deeper with Rev Ron Ministries is an excellent example. This website provides people with courses and a great list of books on how people can become Jesus’ followers. It gets people to dig deeper into God’s word through the author and owner’s book, Miracles of Grace. The website also offers two free courses aimed at helping people become closer to God.


Inclusivity to Everyone


There can be people who desire to attend church but are too shy or anxious to meet new people. Instead of facing their fears and attending service, they can easily withdraw and skip. This isn’t to make bad of personal community worship, but only consider those that aren’t fond of gatherings. With the pandemic, people have experienced what technology can offer regarding religious matters.


Churches made it possible to livestream their services, and people can attend and listen to God’s word in the comfort of their homes. This creates a sense of comfort. However, this benefit should also be strictly scrutinized. After all, as others believe, technology may also be isolating. If they stick to the usage of technology to practice their belief, this might make people more distant not just from people but from their religion as well.

Written by : Ronald Thorington

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